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From extravagant superhero films like Avengers : Endgame to blockbusters like Joker, it introduced us to cinema that

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upcoming movies 2020

From extravagant superhero films like Avengers : Endgame to blockbusters like Joker, it introduced us to cinema that just blew our minds. But if you thought 2019 was good, you’ll be blown away with what Upcoming Movies 2020 out in has in store. Here’s is a list for all the kickass upcoming movies coming your way.

1. The Grudge

Release Date : January 3, 2020

The vengeful ghost in the second remake of the Japanese horror flick promises to be scarier. Starring Andrea Riseborough, Betty Gilpin, John Cho, it already is giving us goosebumps.

2. Black Widow

Release Date : May 1, 2020

After watching Black Widow leave us in Avengers : Endgame, we can’t wait to see her in her solo movie.

upcoming movies

3. Dolittle

Releasing Date : January 17, 2020

Robert Downey’s journey might have ended as Iron Man but he will be back again next year as the quirky Doctor Dolittle who has the ability to talk to animals.

4. Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)

Release Date : February 7, 2020

upcoming movies 2020 DC is all set to have an all-ladies team who will fight Gotham City’s crime lord Black Mask. It has a bunch of stellar female actors and will show Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) joining them.

5. Bloodshot

Release Date : February 21, 2020

Adapted from Valient Comics, Bloodshot (Vin Diesel) is ready to become another powerful superhero. He is enhanced with nanotechnology and basically nobody can kill him. Can’t wait to see this action-packed flick. 

upcoming movies for 2020

6. The Personal History of David Copperfield

Release Date : May 8, 2020 

Our dreams will come true as we’ll be seeing Dev Patel in an adaptation of a Charles Dickens novel. This will be dreamy.

upcoming movies in 2020

7. A Quiet Place Part II

Release Date : March 20, 2020

Even though we saw John Krasinski’s sad demise in the movie, he will be back to write and direct the second installment of the movie. Emily Blunt will reprise the role with her three kids and we can’t to see what comes next.

new coming movies 2020

8. The New Mutants

Release Date : April 3, 2020 

Another Marvel movie where popular young actors like Maisie Williams, Charlie Heaton will be seen as the next generation X-Men. The movie is a rather dark take on when these kids discover their abilities.

upcoming movies 2020

upcoming movies 2020

9. No Time To Die-upcoming movies 2020

Release Date : April 8, 2020 

Danial Craig is going to be back as 007 in the 25th installment of James Bond. The trailer was recently released and it shows Bond in another twisted adventure.

upcoming movies 2020

10. Legally Blonde 3

Release Date : May 8, 2020 

15 years after the release of Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde, we’ll get to see Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) back in her element. This is gonna be a treat.

blonde upcoming movies 2020

11. Barbie-upcoming movies 2020

Release Date : May 8, 2020

Barbie(Margot Robbie) is thrown out of Barbie Land for not being perfect. Let’s see how she’ll manage in the real world.

barbie upcoming movies 2020

12. Fast & Furious 9

Release Date : May 22, 2020

The ninth installment of the this action movie will see a lot of illegal street racing and will have some hardcore stunts.

best upcoming movies 2020

13. Wonder Woman 1984

Release Date : June 5, 2020

Gal Gadot is returning to her Amazon-princess role and this time she promises to be stronger and much more powerful. 

14. Top Gun: Maverick-upcoming movies 2020

Release Date : June 26, 2020

Tom Cruise is set to make a comeback after 31 years in the sequel of Top Gun. We can’t wait to see him riding those motorcycles and bringing the good old days back.upcoming movies 2020

top upcoming movies 2020

15. Minions 2-upcoming movies 2020

Release Date : July 3, 2020

The first movie was the highest grossing animated movie of all times. So, we don’t doubt that this one will be even more epic.

minions 2 upcoming movies in year 2020

16. Tenet-upcoming movies 2020

Release Date : July 17, 2020

Christopher Nolan’s next has everything to do with an international espionage and we can’t wait to watch it.

tenet upcoming movies 2020

17. The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

Release Date : September 11, 2020

Ed and Lorraine Warren will be back as the paranormal investigators and this time their encounters will be scarier. 

18. The King’s Man

Release Date : September 18, 2020

A story about how a group of ex-soldiers formed the spy agency is one of the most anticipated movies next year. 

kinds man-upcoming movies 2020

19. Eternals-upcoming movies 2020

Release Date : November 6, 2020

Marvel’s second movie from Phase 4 will see immortals who helped shape humanity and history on Earth with big names like Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek etc.

eternals upcoming movies 2020

2020, see you in theaters.

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